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Beauty benefits of olive oil

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Olive oil has been used as a beauty aid for many thousands of years. It was a very costly product only the rich could afford. But with the expansion of agriculture in the Mediterranean, olive groves became commonplace and were a staple food for all people throughout the region.
Olives were first crushed between large stones to release their oils. This method of extraction is still in use in the present day. The type of oil it yields is referred to as “extra virgin”. Modern processing techniques employ chemical and heat to extract more oil from olives. However extra virgin oil produces a significantly lower quality oil. Extra virgin oil has five times more polyphenols than other grades.
Polyphenols are thought to improve blood vessel elasticity by reducing inflammation. They also scavenge free radis and are at the root of the lower likelihood of developing cancer and cardiovascular disease among people who eat the Mediterranean diet. Scientists believe that the incidence of skin cancer are lower in those who reside near the Mediterranean. This is despite being exposed to intense solar radiation.
If rubbed on the skin, it blends easily with the natural oils our skin produces to help maintain its health and improves the skin’s natural barrier to moisture. Furthermore, its polyphenols are small enough to be able to penetrate the deep layers of skin, where they reduce oxidative stress and slow the aging process caused by exposure to sunlight as well as normal environmental challenges. Also, it can be used topically to guard against skin cancers.
Olive oil delivers significant health benefits to your entire body including skin. It’s a great thing that it is available in such a wide range. It’s as easy as eating two tablespoons of olive oil extra virgin per day, ideally cooked to reap its many internal health benefits. An organic moisturizer containing large quantities of extra virgin oils is a good option for 激光脫毛 – the anti-aging skin-specific benefits of olive oil.
If you consume it, or put it onto your skin olive oil is the most effective when it is made organically and 激光脫毛 – extra virgin is far superior to other grades available.


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