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Botox-Removing the Social Stigma

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Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Now, think about your immediate reaction to the word Botox(r). Do you see a woman who is stuffed full of plastic that she is unable to make facial expressions? Perhaps you saw lots of needles moving through your open eyes? Perhaps a few crazy scientists, creating Cyborgs from humans?
Botox(r), has been associated with a variety of negative associations throughout the years. Society tends to disapprove of Botox(r), regardless of whether they’re the obvious ones listed above or a more subtle form of displeasure. For example, taking needles to your skin is a sign that you’re a superficial and unhappy human being, isn’t it?
It’s not true. Botox(r) is a solution to many problems. Even the most basic use of Botox(r) to smooth wrinkles and lines of frown has its advantages. Confidence is crucial throughout your life, professional, personal, and social. Botox(r) is a treatment that rejuvenates your face can make you feel more confident and boost your self-esteem. If you’re more at ease with your appearance, you’re more comfortable with yourself and can manage your life in a more fluid, effective manner.
What do I Botox(r), do for myself?
BOTOX(r), Cosmetic is the best cosmetic option to have smoother skin. Before starting the procedure the Austin dermatologist will discuss all the benefits and potential consequences. Botox(r), or onabotulinumtoxinA, is injected by an experienced dermatologist in the forehead muscles. Botox(r) is an injection prescription for Botox(r) and prevents muscle movement in the area injection: the glabellar and frown lines over your eyebrows. Your face appears instantly younger, calmer, and healthier. The results are temporary and you are able to repeat the procedure if needed.
Botox(r), a lesser-known treatment is used to treat hyperhidrosis. This is a condition that causes severe sweating. Botox(r) could be needed to treat your underarms if they aren’t responding to deodorants or topical products. In this situation, Botox(r) again hinders movement in the injected area as sweat glands are unable move sweat out.
Alongside these benefits, Botox(r) may offer the solution you need from muscle stiffness or cervical dystonia (CD) or strabismus (involving eye muscles) and blepharospam (involving eyelids). Before considering this treatment make sure you consult a licensed Austin dermatologist.
What are the potential complication of Botox(r)?
Botox(r) as any other medical procedure can have some side effects and potential risks. These potential side effects and risks can be avoided by consulting – your physician. Your medical history, allergies, and current medications should be discussed with your dermatologist – Talk to them about your concerns. Follow their advice as carefully and as precisely as you can. They will adapt their advice to your particular situation based upon the information that you have provided.
However, 脫毛 – some side effects may still occur. Side effects include sensitivity to the injection site, headaches, fatigue and 脫毛 – possibly vision problems. Keep your doctor informed of any changes in your health. This increases the likelihood that any side effects, whether severe or not, will be addressed immediately.
Dr. Zimmet and his team can set up a consultation. Zimmet Vein & Dermatology, located in Austin, offers Botox(r) treatments, along with the knowledge and expertise required to tailor each session to each individual patient. Call today to make an appointment and begin your journey towards a more youthful, more confident you.


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