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Breast Augmentation Information: What You Really Need to Know

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Women of all ages are becoming attracted to a ‘boob job. It is rare to find non-biased information regarding breast augmentation. The majority of information available online comes from a commercial organization. This website is designed to provide simple, non-biased information on plastic surgery.
What are the main motives women select to have breast augmentation?
Only cosmetically – Big breasts tend to be seen as desirable
Emotional reasons – Women who feel unsatisfied with their body measurements or don’t feel feminine enough may think about a reshaping
Different kinds of Implants
Modern-day breast augmentations are performed using silicone gel implants or the saline implants. A rough and smooth gel implant is now the norm to decrease the risk of capsular contracture (see the following).
Implant Shape:
Implants can be shaped in many ways, including tear-drop and round.
Round implants are more frequent and are more noticeable than the traditional implants.
The teardrop shape looks more natural, and are more requested by women who aren’t willing to make their appearance public.
This is the natural fold or crease under the breast. Modern techniques leave a scar that is barely visible.
On the lower edge of the aureola
Through the armpit
Through the navel
Your physician will discuss with you which choice is the best.
Implant Placement:
Implants placed over the muscle – Implants will be placed the pectoral muscles and below the fatty tissue of your breast. This technique typically provides more projection, and is best suited to women that have sufficient natural breast tissue that can cover the edges of the implants.
Under the muscle In the muscle Implants are inserted beneath the pectoral muscle. This option is ideal for women who don’t have sufficient breast tissue to cover the implant’s edges.
Breast Augmentation can be performed under general anesthesia, intravenous or intravenous sedation, local anesthetics, or both.
Total costs for breast augmentation surgery are different, but they begin at around $6000/PS4000. The surgeon’s fee, operating room costs, and the cost for the implants should all be included in the total price.
Most breast implants will require replacement at some point in the patient’s lifetime. Implants of today can last around 15 years. Also, consider that extreme weight fluctuation (including those caused by pregnancy) can affect the appearance of breasts over time. There is a chance that you will require a breast revision surgery performed in the future to correct drooping as well as other issues with aesthetics.
The procedure:
The individual is marked for surgical treatment. Your doctor will make markings on your breasts as well as the surrounding areas. These marks are made up of incision marks, and also regular measurements used by your doctor as an outline of the procedure.
The patient is then anesthetized and prepared for surgery. You will receive general anesthesia, or occasionally, “twilight” sedation via IV.
If you have an impressive stomach or a keen sense curiosity, I have included an instructional video on my website that demonstrates exactly what happens during a breast-augmentation surgery.
Risks & Complications:
Although the problem rates are low, the most commonly encountered risks comprise of bleeding, blood loss and tissue death, loss or an increase of feeling, asymmetry, implant rupture, 激光脫毛 – and capsular contracture (a swelling of the breasts due the formation of scar tissue around the implant). Your doctor will explain any additional risks that may be relevant to your particular situation.
Recovery and Downtime:
There are a variety of options available for implant placement and incisions. Recovery times can vary widely. Normally, though you should have not less than two days of rest after the procedure, then for a few days of reduced activity. Most patients can return to work in a couple of days to a week. But, there are times when soreness and inflammation may persist for up to 3-4 weeks.


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