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Cricket Hair Brushes – The Technique Brush Series

  • Street: 18 Rue Beauvau
  • City: Marseille
  • State: Florida
  • Country: France
  • Zip/Postal Code: 13003


The Cricket’s Technique Brush Series is the most popular round brush available currently, and is used all over the world by professionals in salons as well as their clients. Five sizes available to pick from, 脫毛 – so there is the perfect brush for every hair style.
Wayne Clark, a man from Michigan, established the Cricket Company in 1979. It is the most popular brush maker today with stylists in salons. They introduced two of the most popular brushes on the market today: the “static-free” brush and the Cricket Technique round brush. Any salon professional and their client who has used a Cricket brush can testify that the brush creates stunning results, is easy to use and helps reduce hair that is flying away. The Cricket Company also offers combs, boar bristle brush, boar/nylon combo, and salon apparel.
Cricket Technique Round Thermal Bristle Available Sizes: #310, #370, and #390.
Cricket Technique Thermal is a set of tourmaline ionic bristles that rehydrate the hair shaft and scalp. Static-free bristles that are heat resistant and static-free prevent hair that is flying away and offer antimicrobial defense against the growth of bacteria. Hair sectioning tools are easily stored at the base.
Features Include:

* Static-free, heat resistant bristles

* Get rid of fly-away hair

* Utilizes Antimicrobial Protection – Against Bacteria

* Available in a Variety of Sizes for a variety of Styling Techniques
What size of brush do I need?
I recommend the #310 or the #30 for short hair. Since you are able to reach your roots the smaller size barrel allows you to get the shape and definition you want.
I suggest the #350 and #370 for medium length. The medium-sized barrel gives you the ability to add bounce and volume to your hairstyle, while being able to control the brush.
For Long Hair: I recommend #370 or $390. While the results are superior with larger brushes, it can be more difficult to use. The bigger barrels allow you to create not just straight and smooth hair, but you can also create incredible volume and body.
Be aware that smaller barrels can give curly lines, while larger barrels create an edgier look.
Cricket Static Free RPM: Cricket also has another round brush line, the Cricket Static Free RPM. This series is available in four sizes including small, medium large, extra large, and extra large.
No one wants static to their hair. Cricket has addressed this issue by introducing the Static Free brush collection. Static Free brushes eliminate hair that has escaped, and added “stay-put” ball tips, and grips that do not slip for maximum control and comfort. The RPM 12XL sculpts hair to give it the perfect shape. The non-tangling double-return bristles will not split or break hair. The specially shaped rubber handle makes styling much easier and more comfortable for the professional stylist.


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