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Cricket Hair Brushes – The Technique Brush Series

  • Street: 55 Spring Creek Road
  • City: Vervale
  • State: Minnesota
  • Country: Australia
  • Zip/Postal Code: 3814


Cricket’s Technique Brush Series is the number one selling round brush line on the market today used globally by stylists and clients. There are five sizes to select from, which means there’s an appropriate brush for every hair style requirement.
Wayne Clark, a man from Michigan, established the Cricket Company in 1979. It is the most sought-after brush maker in the world today, especially among salon stylists. They have achieved great success by introducing two of the most popular brushes currently in use and the first is the “static free” brush, and the second being the best selling Cricket Technique round brush. Any salon professional and their client who has used a cricket brush will confirm that the brush produces an amazing result it is simple to use and reduces hair flyaway. The Cricket Company also sells combs boar bristle brushes combings of boar and nylon, salon apparel and many other items.
Cricket Technique Round Thermal Bristle Available Sizes: 脫毛 – #310 and #390.
Cricket Technique Thermal features tourmaline ionic bristles which infuse moisture into the hair shaft and scalp. Static-free bristles that resist heat and static-free prevent hair that is flying away and offer antimicrobial protection from bacteria growth. Hair sectioning tools are easily stored inside the base.
These Features:

* Resistant to Heat, Static Free Bristles

* Eliminates Hair-Fly-Away

* Utilizes Antimicrobial Protection – Against Bacteria

* Available in a Variety of Sizes to suit various Styling Techniques
What size of brush do I need?
For 脫毛 – short Hair I recommend using the #310 or #30. Since you are able to reach your roots, the smaller barrel size lets you create a shape and define.
For medium length, I would recommend #350 or #370. The medium-sized barrel will give you the possibility of adding volume and bounce to your hairstyle, while being able manage the brush.
I suggest the #390 and #370 brushes for long hair. The bigger brushes are more difficult to use but the results are unmatched. You can create amazing volume and body with the bigger barrel.
Be aware that smaller barrels can result in an unnatural look, whereas larger barrels create a smoother look.
Cricket Static Free RPM – Cricket also has a round brush line, 脫毛 – the Cricket Static Free RPM. This range is offered in four sizes namely small, medium, large and extra Large.
Static in your hair isn’t something you want. Cricket has solved this problem with the Static Free brush collection. Static Free brushes stop hair that has escaped, and reinforced “stay-put” ball tips, and grips that are non-slip for maximum control and ease of use. The RPM 12XL creates and creates the perfect look. The non-tangling double return bristles will not split or break the hair. The specially contoured rubber handle makes styling simpler and more comfortable even for professional stylists.


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