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Diabetes 2 Blood Tests and You!

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Many people aren’t aware that they have diabetes. There are a few steps you can follow to determine. This is essential for your health. So if you think you might have diabetes, it is crucial to conduct the appropriate tests. Annual check-ups are a must, so speak to your physician. The tests are available at just more or less any clinic. These medical tests help to determine the level of sugar (glucose), so you can get an annual FBS (fasting blood sugar), an OGTT and a number of other medical tests to determine if you suffer from diabetes. Continue reading to find out more about these tests and 激光脫毛 – the symptoms that diabetes patients actually have.
The FBS, or Fasting Blood Sugar Test, 脫毛 – is the first test to determine the amount sugar present in your blood. If the results tell you that you’ve got between 72 – 99 mg/dl (or 4 – 5.5 mg/l) There is no real reason to worry since these are the normal results. These are the normal blood sugar levels. Alternatively, glucose readings may be reported as slightly higher 100-126 mg/dl (5.6 7 mmol/l – 5.6). This means you be diagnosed with pre-diabetes. This means you have elevated blood sugar levels. This can lead to the condition known as Type 2 Diabetes. Certain people could have a reading that is greater than 126 mg/dl (7mmol/l). These cases are extremely likely to be a sign of Type 2 Diabetes. It is highly recommended that you seek guidance and advice from your health care professional. Doctors advise that you take the test twice to ensure a correct diagnosis.
The OGTT (Oral Glucose Test) is the second type of test. It is basically an oral glucose test. You will be provided with small quantities of sugar (glucose). Two hours after that, a sample of the blood sample is taken, and then analyzed to determine your blood glucose level. The normal level of 140 mg/dL (7.7mmol/l) is not considered normal. This could indicate that you have a low tolerance to glucose and may be an indication of pre-diabetes. The test may reveal results that are higher than 200 mg/dl (11mmol/l) in some cases. In these instances, Diabetes 2 is diagnosed.
Type two diabetes is something to be very aware of, particularly if there exist any existing or sub-clinical illnesses you could have. This is extremely serious and important in most cases, and it is essential to make positive changes in habits, lifestyle and physical activity, or taking a medication regimen!


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