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Hair care is a must.

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There are 100000 hairs on our head and each hair shaft has three layers that are covered by cuticle (outside layer).The cuticle is protecting two layers of hair from sunlight, heat and other hazards in our environment.Cuticle lay flat and reflect light cause hair to shine.Shiny hair is an indication of healthy hair.
There are two kinds of hair; straight and curly.Sebum (natural oil on the hair) covers straight hair better than curly hair.That why the straight hair can appear shinier.
Hair types.
Different types of hair require different hair care.
During adolescence,we will find out hair gets oily because the hair follicles contain sebaceous glands that produce sebum that moisturizes the hair and skin.The sebaceous glands can be overactive and produce more oil than needed.But don’t fret, oily hair is usually a temporary part of puberty.
It doesn’t matter if wash your hair regularly or more frequently. As long as your hair is treated gently , even when it’s damp, it won’t be damaged.
Interests and Activity Level
You will require extra attention – if you participate in sports or spend long periods of time at the beach because these activities can impact your hair.For example, if you are an athlete who has oily hair, you might need to shampoo your hair after working up a sweat during games.But if you are a lifeguard or a pool swimmer, sun and saltwater (or the chlorine in pool water) can dry your hair out, no matter what kind of hair.If you are exposed to wind, sun and other elements, you may need to use a shampoo designed to treat dry hair or a conditioner.It is an additional protection for your hair if you wear hat when you are outdoors.
If you are using products that heat style your hair, such as straightening or curling irons for frequently your hair will dry out.
Chemical treatments to color, straighten or curl your hair could harm your hair if they aren’t applied properly.Therefore it is important to ask the hair stylist because they were trained in applying chemicals to hair. Take a look at the type of hair you have and decide which chemicals are best for you.
Permanent color treatments, particularly permanent, can cause hair loss burning, redness and irritation. Certain types of treatments can cause allergic reactions. Before it gets serious, you need to discuss with your stylist your reactions to the products particularly prior to using a product.
To ensure your hair stays healthy, the best methods is to do regular haircuts.It can help you keep the ends of your hair from damage, especially splitting.In fact, your hair may grow more effectively after cutting it.
Hair problems can be addressed.
Dandruff is a dead , flaky skin flakes that are found in hair and 脫毛 – clothing. It isn’t a danger to us.We can reduce the dandruff flakes by washing our hair. Apply a gentle massage to your scalp for five minutes in order to rid yourself of the flake.
Hair Breakage- Hair can break when points in the hair weaken or thicken. Hair breakage can result from improper chemical hair treatment. Hair extensions that are left unattended
Hair loss can be caused by braiding excessively or 脫毛 – pulling them out improperly. If you notice your hair breaking or thinning even if you don’t make use of any products or chemicals for styling Consult a doctor.
Hair Loss – We lose about 100 hairs per day.So the new hair hairs could replace the old fall out hairs.If the hair is not replaced with new hair, an individual can become bald or have hair loss patches.See the doctor to address this problem i;e to slow hair loss and help hair grow.
Same as our body to maintain hair health by eating well, 脫毛 – exercises and shield it from excessive exposure to the sun.


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