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Herbal Baths for Health and Beauty

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Herbal baths are not only delicious, but they also serve the vital function of calming and hydrate the skin making it look and feel younger. And that’s not even mentioning the vast variety of health benefits.
Certain herbs act as diaphoretics by opening the pores to allow sweat and waste to drain away. Others serve as astringents to tighten tired pores.
Herbs are often used in baths to help one sleep, to aid in weight loss, to relieve itchy skin, relax a tense back – just about anything you’d like them for.
The skin’s surface is adorned by hundreds of pores which serve as pathways for the accumulation of waste matter to exit the body. If the pores are blocked with oil or dirt the waste matter is unable to escape and the body begins to die from its own poisons.
Your skin breathes for you. It also has positive effects on the metabolism and circulation. It’s beneficial to study and practice the technique of swimming.
Methods Of An Herbal Bath – Hot baths are stimulating. Warm baths are pleasant. Cold baths can be stimulating.
Method 1

* Take a half cup of herbs and simmer in 1 quarter cup of water in a covered nonmetal pot for 10-20 minutes.

* As your herb simmer in the pot, take a shower to wash away any dirt.

The tub should be filled with hot or warm water. Strain the decoction and then pour the herb liquid into it. Wrap the solid herbs residue in a wash cloth and tie with either a rubber band or ribbon.

* Soak for at minimum 20 minutes in the tub. Relax and 激光脫毛 – rub your body vigorously with the herbs wrapped in the washcloth.
Method 2

* Place a substantial amount into 2 cups of boiling water a container that is not metal. Simmer for 10-20 minutes. Strain.

* While your herbs are simmering and smelling delicious, take a shower.

* When through with your shower then wrap the solid herb remnants in a clean cloth and rub the body vigorously.

* Use the liquid to rinse after shower and rub.
Method 3

* Wrap a large amount of herbs in a cloth bag (bath bag) and tie securely.

The bag should be placed directly into the tub or on the shower head and let the hot water flow through.
Method 4 – Steam method

Mix a bit of coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil with water.

* Plug in a vaporizer into a bathroom outlet.

* Pour the mixture of oil and water into the container and drop in some fresh, fragrant and fresh-smelling herbs and pedals.

Close the door to the bathroom and let the steam rise – This will scent the air and steam your skin.
Herbal Bath Remedies
Calming Bath
Mix together a few drops from each of the cannabis, chamomile and hops, passionflower or linden, and yarrow. In 10 minutes, heat one 1 quart of water inside an unmetal container. Sip 1/2 cup of this liquid with a little lemon and honey. The remainder of the liquid is best added to your bath water. Let it be in the bath for 30 minutes.
Dry Skin Bath
Mix equal amounts of almond meal, cornmeal and oatmeal with orris root. Wrap it in a washcloth or bath bag. When you put it in the bathing water, it will release slowly a milkiness that will soothe dry skin that is itchy and dry.
Oily Skin Bath
Mix equal amounts of lemon grass and orange buds together with white willow bark, witch hazel leaves and mint and mix until you have 1 cup. Place the mixture in a covered, nonmetal pot for 15 minutes, strain and add the liquid to your bath or use as a rinse after you shower.
Tranquil Bath
Mix 1 tablespoon each of valerian root, linden and lavender in the bag. Securely the bag. The bag is put in the tub and left to soak for 30 minutes.
Simple Bath
Mix together equal parts of rosemary, sage and lavender. Use any herbal bath method.
Beauty Bath
Mix equal amounts of rose and lavender flowers, leaves of rosemary mint and thyme as well as Comfrey root. You can choose one of these techniques.
Many herbs and flowers can be used in a bath. Oatmeal and bran are also beneficial additions to your bath bag. They are gentle abrasives. A tablespoon of sea salt or 脫毛 – the equivalent of a cup of powdered milk or honey can be added to the bath water. The vinegars of flowers and herbs can be added, too, for softening the skin, relaxing muscles and easing skin irritations.
The recommended herbs for bathing to achieve beautiful skin include chamomile flowers that are great for cleaning and softening, comfrey leaf for comfort; dandelion leaf for rejuvenating tired skin and to improve circulation; fennel leaf for smoothing and softening; horsetail leaves to act as an toner and astringent. Lemon balm leaves for herbal astringent. The linden flower can lighten skin improve circulation, and smooth wrinkles; mint leaves for scent, and as an astringent, due to their antiseptic and stimulating properties; mullein flowers are used to lighten hair, parsley leaves whiten the skin and increase circulation. rosemary lea


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