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How can I get free piercings jewellery from a Scottish body jewelry shop

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What is ear stretching?
The gradual stretching of your ear by piercing jewellery. Most people have ears that are pierced to a standard size, making it difficult to accommodate the latest, fashionable earrings that have more substantial posts. How do you keep up with the latest fashions?
Well, you could go to a professional piercer and get a larger hole pierced, but that requires a lot of suffering and pain. And what can you do in the event that the piercing proves to be too big and too big, and the next day you decide to change your mind and don’t want to be walking around with two glaringly obvious tunnels in your ears? The ability to gauge the size of your ear piercings is a better choice than losing a large portion of your ear. If you’re not satisfied with the sagging, simply remove the thicker earrings. Your piercings will eventually be back to their size when they were originally.
What is the method used to stretch the ear canals?
There are a variety of sizes of ear piercings. A typical ear piercing procedure is performed using an 18 or 20 gauge needle. The bigger the piercing, the smaller the gauge needle number. To stretch existing ear the piercings, tapering rings as well as tapering inserts, made of metallic materials like gold, silver or steel are utilized – According to their names these devices taper their lengths, ranging from small to large and can be used in accordance with the requirements.
What are the important things you need to keep in mind before you test your earpiercing?
First of all, don’t do anything by yourself. It is always recommended to talk to an expert earpiercer to get your piercing completed under their supervision. If you do it on your own, particularly when you are new or have no experience, there is a chance you might hurt yourself and end up with an infection or 脫毛 – a mark. Take it easy and be patience with the whole process. Gradually change between gauges, and allow your earlobes to heal between. It can take anywhere from one to two weeks. It is all dependent on the individual. See what suits you.
How do you assess the depth of your ear or 脫毛 – ear piercings?
The process of gauging the size of your ear the piercing process is slow and gradual, but that beats going about with your ears heavily and swollen. What you need to do is pick a gauge size that is next in size to the current one and purchase metal earrings or insertion tapers that are the next gauge size. Metal ones are a better idea as opposed to ones made of iron or other materials as the chance of infection is considerably reduced.
Once you’ve got the tapers at the appropriate size, wash your hands before lubricating the inserts with oil or petroleum jelly. After that, carefully slide the earrings through your piercings. Do one ear at a time. Go very carefully because they’re not likely to pass through at the same time and you do not want to break your ears. You can manipulate the holes with medicated soap and warm water. After you’ve inserted the tapers, clean your earlobes, apply a little more of the petroleum jelly, and allow your ears to get used to the new, unfamiliar weight. You may feel some discomfort in your ears for a few weeks before they adjust to the new size.
Keep the piercings holes clean by washing them gently twice every day. Be certain to remove the crusty material every day. Make sure to apply alcohol regularly on the taper inserts and wipe them. The soreness aside, if there is any bleeding or unusual pain or any indications of infection, consult a doctor immediately. If you are patient and take care however, it won’t be necessary. Your ears will be stretched to the extent required by the tapers. You can test this by moving your inserts around – you can tell that your earholes are stretched when you are able to move the earrings with ease and without experiencing any discomfort. It may take up to two weeks to reach these stage. You should be patient until your ears are completely healed before you can begin wearing regular ear-piercing jewellery. You can choose to go larger when you require a bigger ear perforation. You can repeat the procedure with the next size ear gauge.


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