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Poor quality sleep

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Sleep disorders are your body’s way of indicating that something isn’t as it should be. The causes of restlessness include stress in the day as well as caffeine and alcohol consumption, 脫毛 – emotional turmoil, changes in the work schedule, and pain due to physical issues.
Sleeping in can increase the chance of developing diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes.
In this article, we will discuss two of the most important aspects of sleep disorders.
A) Sleep Apnea can be defined as a sleep disorder caused by breathing irregularities. This could be due to abnormal breathing patterns, such as slow breathing or constricted breathing. This breathing interruption can last from only a few seconds up to minutes and may occur 5 to 30 times or more during an hour.
B) Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), is the most frequent kind of sleep-related breath disorder. The body’s muscle tone relaxes when you sleep. However, the human throat is comprised of collapsible soft tissue walls. The collapsing of soft tissue could impede breathing during sleep. Chronic severe obstructive sleep apnea requires treatment to prevent low blood oxygen levels, sleep deprivation and other complications. Congestive heart failure could be a fatality.
The risk of OSA increases as weight increases and smoking, as well as drinking alcohol and age. To top it off, diabetes increases up to three times the risk of having OSA.
Prevention methods involve changes to your lifestyle like staying away from alcohol or other muscle relaxants, losing weight, and stopping smoking cigarettes.
tested and highly recommended support? Bio Frequency programs, specifically “Sleep Good”, “Weight Balancing” and “Stress Relief” from FrequeZone.
These Bio-Frequency-based programs help maintain the body’s BioEnergy systems, and also fix internal Circadian Cycle problems.
Circadian Cycle is the name given to the day/night cycle of physiological and biochemical functions of animals, humans and plants, etc., in alignment with diurnal rhythms.In other words, most physiological and behavioral human capacities and functions result from sub-conscious, daily frequent, consistent rhythms.
The diurnal cycle, as determined from confirmed astrological observations, determines the daily movements of stars, moons and planets in relation to the Earth or, more specifically in relation to the South and North pole. Because the Earth rotates on its axis, each star appears to move around the form of a diurnal circle. A typical rotation takes 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4.09 seconds. Each movement and each turn results in the creation of specific energy fields (“Frequency field”).
Another interesting fact is that bacteria, and other microorganisms too, are governed through the Circadian cycle, 脫毛 – despite the fact that bacteria cells are smaller than human cells.
This might be a shocking discovery for most:/ The following is an incredible fact to consider the number of bacteria that reside in the body of an average healthy adult person are believed to outnumber human cells by over 10 to 1. In the human digestive tract, there are between 500 to 1000 different species of bacterial. Similar numbers are found on the skin. Although members of the flora can be found on all surfaces that are exposed to the outside world (on the eyes and skin and in the nose, mouth, small intestinal tract) The vast majority of bacteria live in the large intestine. Changes in these microbial communities may be the cause of digestive issues and skin conditions or gum disease, or even obesity. These impacts and possible disturbances are essential for a healthy rest and overall health.
This is why FrequeZone’s “Sleep Good” program promotes regular neurotransmitter frequency and natural production of melatonin. This promotes deep, restorative sleep.


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