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Self Tanner – The Golden Formula For Beautiful Skin!

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Do you want to add a beautiful color 激光脫毛 – to your skin without exposure to the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays from the sun? Creams and lotions for self-tanners were developed with your requirements in mind. Many people want to have a healthy bronze glow but don’t want to expose themselves to the harmful UV rays of the sun. It is possible to achieve the bronzed cosmetic look with sunless tanning.
Sun Tanning Products Available:
Self-tanners allow you to choose the level of tan you’d like and the length of time you want it to last. There are many self-tanners on the market.

* Creams, moisturizing creams mousses and gels for powders wipes, and so on.

* Bronzers that are available in the form of creams and 激光脫毛 – lotions serve the purpose of giving temporary tan.

* Airbrush spray tanning is available as at-home kits and 激光脫毛 – can be used in gyms, spas and other places.

* Professionally done in salons, using spray booths that are reminiscent of showers.

Accelerators come in the form of gels that help you achieve a the appearance of a dark tan.
Take Care of Yourself:

* Prior to applying self-tanner creams be sure to wash your face thoroughly.

Make sure to protect your eyes fingers, nails, and hair. Cover the areas affected with cloth or cotton depending on the severity.

Although sun-bathing can be harmful, it ensures an even tanning for your skin. With lotions and tanning creams you should ensure that you apply the gels evenly across your body for a sloppy appearance.

* You must ensure that you do not allow the tanning creams to come into contact with your clothing.
A self-tanner can last from one day to a week. It helps protect you from sunburns and premature aging caused by exposure to sun for a long time.


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