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Top Fall Hairstyles and Tips, according to Beverly Hills’ Batia & Aleeza Hair Salon

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Top Fall Hairstyles & Tips According to Beverly Hills’ Batia & Aleeza Hair Salon
Hairstyle specialists Batia and Aleeza reveal the top hairstyles in their salon this fall . They also provide great tips for maintaining hairstyles no matter the weather.
The latest hair trends of Beverly Hills are revealed, courtesy the professionals at Batia & Aleeza Hair Salon.

Highlights for 脫毛 – fall “Highlights are the most popular fashion for fall/ winter,” says Batia. The majority – of people think of highlights as summer however, I usually advise clients with darker hair to have highlights for winter. When it’s cold it is common to dress in dramatic styles heavy, dark coats and more intense colors dominate. “Dark hair may make you look dull. It is important to always contrast what you wear and make your hair stand out!” Batia says. “So most clients either receive highlights, or simply get an appealing color that really makes a statement and really catches the eye.”

* Both long and short cuts are readily available. Many people are thrilled about growing their hair longer because it’s not as hot at all and they don’t need to worry about sweating so much,” says Batia. “Then another group of people insist on shorter hair because they love the way it falls on a turtleneck sweater. Both are gorgeous. It’s how you present yourself that matters.

Aleeza has some great advice to curl hair. These kinds of situations can be challenging so it is important to be prepared. If you’re not aware of how to manage rain, it could make your hair frizzy. Batia & Aleeza Complete hair treatment solution will keep everything under control. Our Bio Mineral Sculpting gel works best on hair that is wet if you’ve previously tried it. It is only natural that when your hair gets wet, it will simply get more shine. To bring your hair back under control and prevent it from becoming frizzy, grab yourself the towel, or a paper towel – from a nearby bathroom, and curl/wave your hair up (from the root upwards). The towel will absorb the water. It won’t get puffy and start to get wild. Trust me, if you use our Bio-Natural Shampoo, Bio-Protein Conditioner and Bio-Herbal Mineral Sculpting Gel, there’s no hair that you can’t manage. We’re certain of it!”
About Batia & Aleeza Hair Salon
Aleeza and Batia have years of experience in hair styling and utilize superior techniques to give clients perfect curls. The hair-care products and methods of Aleeza and Batia have transformed the way curly hairdressers are feeling about their hair.


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