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Toxic beauty_ what you don’t know about your makeup could cause harm!

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I received my training as a makeup artist at AVEDA NYC. I was exposed to the harmful chemicals in many cosmetics we use every day to make ourselves more beautiful. These chemicals can stay in your body for years and could cause health issues. Parabens are one of the most hazardous chemicals.
What are parabens?
The simplest answer is that parabens can be that are used as preservatives in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals as well as in food and beverage processing. There are four main kinds: methyl-ethyl and 激光脫毛 – propyl parabens. You can find them on the labels of your favourite products and replace them with something more efficient. The more complex answer is that parabens can be endocrine disruptors as well as reproductive toxicants.
Why should I care?
Endocrine disruptors , also known as reproductive toxins are chemicals that disrupt hormones and can interfere with normal growth and development. The average woman in the U.S. uses around 12 personal care items per day, while the average teenager has a use of up to 17! Even if you only use a few of these products it’s a large amount of harmful chemicals getting into your body every day. Imagine the impact this could be over the course of a lifetime of using makeup. You may think that you are safe because you only apply cosmetics to your body, not in it. Make no mistake – If you put anything onto your body (i.e. : makeup, lipstick, glitter, etc) it will be absorbed into your body.
Why do I need parabens in my cosmetics when they’re so hazardous?
Many people believe that a government agency, like the FDA, regulates what goes into your makeup. It is generally believed that if the product can be purchased at a local drugstore or department retailer, it must be safe. This isn’t always the case. There is very little government regulation of cosmetics. Companies aren’t required by the U.S. government to perform health studies or safety tests on cosmetics. Companies can make use of any chemical they like in their makeup. They don’t have to disclose the chemicals they are using.
What can I do to safeguard my family?
Pay attention to the labels – not all ingredients must be listed on the labels of cosmetics. If a product is free of parabens it will say so which is an achievement which cosmetic manufacturers – are proud of, and they will boast about it! Be aware that claims like “organic”, natural, or dermatologist-tested are not allowed for cosmetics. This does not mean that the product is safe. Do your homework and avoid to buy or use personal care or cosmetic products that contain these questionable chemicals.
I’m a cosmetics designer who works with dancers, cheerleaders and actors. I’m especially concerned about the health and safety of children and teens who love and use my cosmetics. Pre-pubescent and pubescent teens are particularly susceptible to risks of exposure to these chemicals. My goal at JAM was always to develop an alternative that is healthier for those who dance, cheerleaders actors or performers, or anyone else who needs a durable makeup that is free of “long lasting chemical”. That’s why I am so happy to announce that as of the beginning of the year, JAM cosmetics is PARABENS – FREE!


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