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Wig Maintenance 101

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Wigs are now back in fashion. They’re so easy to apply if your seeking a quick and simple hairstyle. They come in many styles so there is something for everyone.
Proper wig maintenance can increase the appearance and durability of your wig. Wig maintenance is simple and cost-effective. It requires only some time and effort. Here are some key steps to follow.

Wig maintenance begins by detangling. First, gently brush your wig to get rid of any knots (unless the wig is extremely curly and/or it came with a tag telling you that it should not be cleaned). Certain longer styles can get matted on their backs, therefore it is possible to separate the hair strands by using your fingers. To aid in hair brushing and the easy removal of tangles, Simply Styled’ Light Silk Spray is recommended. Since it’s made of pure silicone, Simply Stylin is ideal to help maintain wigs without drying the hair.If you own an artificial hair wig it is essential to use combs and brushes specifically designed for use on synthetic wigs. If you’re using a standard hairbrush or comb for any reason, make sure the rubber tips are placed at the end of each tooth or bristle. This will stop the fibers from splitting and keep the wig fresh and shiny.

Proper wig care includes washing your wig in a proper manner. When your wig is ready to be washed make sure you fill the sink with about 2 quarts of cool water. Hot water can cause curls to become lost. The wig should be submerged in the warm water for 2 cups. After the wig is soaked completely then gently rub it with the shampoo for approximately one minute.

Remove the wig, and 激光脫毛 – wash it in cold water until no suds remain. To dry the wig for a few hours lay it on a towel. It is all right to dry the wig using a towel, but be careful not to twist the wig or make it ring out. You can use your fingers to gently separate and arrange the strands once the wig is drying, but you shouldn’t attempt – to comb or brush the wig when it is still wet. The fibers might stretch to the point of breaking.

* When the wig is dry, 脫毛 – spray lightly with Simply Stylin’ Light Silk Spray to restore the shine and luster, and help with managing.

Re-curling hair wigs is a possibility. However, it can be time-consuming when the hair is extremely curly. Here’s how.
First you need to dampen your wig some with cool water. Then, put hair on the rollers. After you have rolled the hair, run hot water all over it until it is fully saturated. Then gently squeeze each roller in order to remove excess water. Let the wig completely dry before taking off the rollers. If you own a folding wig stand it will accelerate drying time.
After drying, carefully take the rollers off. You should now have an incredibly curly wig. Be aware that the hot water actually will remove the curl completely of a wig unless rollers are in place, because it acts as a relaxer (kind of like perm) which softens the fibers until they are soft enough that they assume the shape of the roller.
Beware: Do not use an electric styling device on synthetic fiber hair wigs. You might think it’s faster than the one mentioned above. Even at the coolest settings blowdryers hot rollers, blowdryers, or curling irons may cause frizz and cause the fibers to melt which can cause ruination of the wig.

* Mist your wig with Simply Stylin’ Light Silk Spray on a regular basis to ensure it’s looking new and fresh. You’ll find your periodic wig maintenance so much easier if you follow this important final step.

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